Since afternoon yesterday, at Mashyuza parish they are around six hundred of pupils in holidays from parishes which are in Rusizi district. That action was prepared by “Diocesan justice and peace comission”  The pupils week-end has  the topic : ” Pupils, do for good relations, avoid fornication and drugs”.At the beginning, in the mass, Father NIRAGIRE Valens, the manager of the comission has asked to the pupils to go and being apostle of peace where they live as the saint of the day Saint Andrew apostle.

Pupils in parish hall
father Niragire Valens the manager of the commission in the opening mass
Father Uwingabiye Emmanuel teaching about the good development. This one is based on gospel values.
Father OMBENI Jean Népomuscène teaching about bad consequences of using drugs.
The security agent teaching also about bad consequences of drugs and punishment to those who use them.

   At the end, pupils were very happy. They have a lot thanked The Diocese, priests of Mashyuza parish and families of Mashyuza parish who have given them where to live. Pupils have accepted themeselves to love to pray, to like the good ideas of the Catholic Church telling them to be chaste, to avoid bad gifts like phones, to avoid drugs and helping who use them, to build unite and peace in their families and at their schools.