Kuri uyu wa kane ,tariki ya 09/6/2022, i saa 9h45, Musenyeri Édouard SINAYOBYE, Umushumba wa Diyosezi Gatolika ya Cyangugu, yasuye Imfungwa n’Abagororwa bari muri Gereza ya Rusizi. Akigera kuri Gereza ya Rusizi, Musenyeri yakiriwe n’Umuyobozi wa Gereza wungirije arikumwe n’abo bafatanya , bamubwira ishusho rusange ya Gereza ya Rusizi. Nyuma y’ibiganiro bagiranye, yagiye guturira igitambo […]
This six June 2022,  Mgr   Edouard SINAYOBYE Bishop of Cyangugu diocese, Mayor of Rusizi district Dr. Anicet KIBIRIGA, District vice mayor in Charge of Socio-economic affairs and other diocesan and district’s officials lay the first stone on maternity ward being constructed by Cyangugu Diocese under sponsorship of Speyer diocese and Rheinland-Pfalz In corroboration with Speyer […]
The Groupe Scolaire St Paul Muko  is one of the schools of the Diocese of Cyangugu, located in the administrative sector of Bugarama,  Rusizi district . Since its foundation in 1998, this school has remarkably Contributed to holistic education  of the youth of Bugarama. In these days Groupe Scolaire St Paul MUKO is radiating with […]
 Since April 2022, Caritas Cyangugu in partnership with Caritas Slovakia is in execution of a project called “Medical care to marginalized children living with disabilities and women with gynecologic complications that need special treatment in MASHYUZA Parish.” The project started by identifying its beneficiaries and doing home visitation by the Caritas staff, to find out […]
It’s been four years since the former Bishop of Cyangugu Diocese  Mgr Jean Damascene BIMENYIMANA passed away. This Friday 11th March 2022 they were ceremony of remembering him at the cathedral of Cyangugu. It is ceremony started by the celebration of holy mass , offered by  Mgr Edouard SINAYOBYE, Bishop of Cyangugu Diocese. This ceremony […]
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