CDJP Cyangugu makes more efforts to educate historically marginalized rwandans

CDJP Cyangugu in partnership with SCIAF pays extra attention to the issue of children from the historically marginalized families, who, according to a study, have continued to lag behind others in education.

Delegation of SCIAF with CDJP team

Before, many of the children from this group were found to have dropped out of school. And over 90 per cent of (historically marginalized) adults have never gone to school and neither their children because of poverty and ignorance in their families. 

As an immediate solution, CDJP Cyangugu came up with CNHD project to disentangle them  from the vicious circle of poverty by supporting them in education, socioeconomic activities, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, conflict resolution, etc.

In January, on 30th January 2020 in Nyamagana village, Rusizi District,  CDJP Cyangugu with SCIAF delegation made a field tour to observe and discuss the different experiences of those involved in education and how community involvement has been important.

According to findings, the number of children from these families who enrol in schools has risen. The remaining problem is how to increase the number of children  from historically marginalized people in university.

During the tour, the visiting team met with some of those involved in education where they discussed key achievements and challenges they face in their school life. MUSABYIMANA Francine was the one among them.

Francine with her both parents

MUSABYIMANA Francine is the seventh child in her family

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. She is 23 years

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. Her both parents still alive. She has 5 brothers, and three sisters. All her five brothers can not read and write. She is the only one in her family and village who got the chance of following university studies. 

Appreciation goes to CDJP Cyangugu and SCIAF for the continued support of historically marginalized activities particularly in education.

CDJP Cyangugu  fronted the idea of using some of the educated individuals from the historically marginalized group to mobilize others to send children to school, saying that in most cases it is a mindset issue. 

The traditional dance in the community

The historically marginalized people still live in extreme poverty. To improve their conditions of living, there need to be affirmative action and incentives for historically marginalized people to gain an education.

Reported by: Jeanne d’Arc NYIRAMWIZA/CDJP Cyangugu


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