This Tuesday, on CDPI Cyangugu, there was ainternational meeting organised Cyangugu Diocesan justice and peace commission. In the meeting they were persons from DRC, from Burundi, the person representing German ambassador in Rwanda and  different authoroties

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. The meeting has an aim of presenting works of  reconciliation done by CDPI Cyangugu

Mr Francis ZEBAZE, technical cooperator of AGEH on CDJP presenting works of CDJP Cyangugu.

Reconciliation was done in different sectors like helping prisoners being united to the families they have offended, helping girl- mothers to accept their condition, to begin in schools justice and peace clubs, helping “Abatwa” in development. Every person who has taken the speech has greatly thank CDJP cyangugu and has promised collaboration.


The represent of German ambassador in Rwanda speaking and thanking CDJP Cyangugu.

Honorable RENZAHO Jeovannie thanking works of CDJP Cyangugu.


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