This Sunday, May 13th, on the Ascension Solemnity, in Mushaka parish, the chapel of Gashonga sub parish was dedicated through the Mass which was headed by Mgr Prudence RUDASINGWA, the diocese pastoral coordinator
. The chapel was dedicated to Saint Peter apostle.


Gashonga sub parish is old. It was created in 1913. In that time, it was one of the sub parishes of Mibirizi parish. When Mushaka parish has born, Gashonga sub parish was joined to the new Mushaka parish.

The beautiful chapel of  Gashonga Sub parish has cost 57,597,749 frs. Up to day 1,800,000 frs is not payed.  The building works were done during 10 years

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All of the Guets, in their speeches, they have thanked a lot the Gashonga christians to have contributed in order to have a good chapel. They have also thanked every person who has given any contribution.

In his speech, Mgr Prudence has also thanked a lot the Gashonga Christians to have given together their means in order to have a convenient chapel. Mgr  Prudence has reminded the value of the Chapel.   It is an area of encounting  Jesus. First of all in his Word, in the Sacraments, especially in the Eucharist.  He has emphasized  that the true chapel is our body. Our body is the temple of the Holy spirit. So that we must care it safely.  As the chapel is built near schools, Mgr Prudence has told to the teachers to help children in order to respect the church building
. It must be a good place where they will learn how to pray.

The ceremonies have begun on 9pm and were closed at 15pm, including conviviality eating and drinking



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