CDJP Cyangugu in partnership with SCIAF pays extra attention to the issue of children from the historically marginalized families, who, according to a study, have continued to lag behind others in education. Before, many of the children from this group were found to have dropped out of school. And over 90 per cent of (historically […]
In Cyangugu Diocese there is a tradition which in Christmas period every parish prepares a day of Christmas for children. On that day, there is a mass for all of the children of parish, they dance and after  they eat together.    
This Tuesday, Giheke parish has celebrated Christmas solemnity. The first mass was for adult persons and as Christmas is a day for children, the second mass was for them.    
  This Tuesday, on CDPI Cyangugu, there was ainternational meeting organised Cyangugu Diocesan justice and peace commission. In the meeting they were persons from DRC, from Burundi, the person representing German ambassador in Rwanda and  different authoroties. The meeting has an aim of presenting works of  reconciliation done by CDPI Cyangugu. Reconciliation was done in […]
On this second Sunday of Advent, at Mibirizi parish, couples gathered in “Equipe notre Dame” have done engagement. The ceremony was in the mass celebrated by father NIYONZIMA Gallican, Mibirizi parish priest. Mibirizi couples were very happy to be with Mushaka and Cyangugu couples you. The results of the questionnaire were discussed and shared among […]