Due to the celebration of reconciliation month, this Thursday, 08 October 2020, Justice and Peace Commission have organized an exchange workshop on the importance of priests ’implication in the pastoral of unity and reconciliation within community during this reconciliation month. This workshop was organized for parish priests of all parishes of Cyangugu Diocese. It was […]
This project was launched on September 17th 2020 in Mibilizi parish, where some of Caritas leaders visited Mibilizi parish Christians in an intense of enhancing and execute the sample of project of enhance agriculture products and do it professionally.  This activity which was narrow-scoped on planting corns took place in Mibilizi parish’s farm that has […]
COVID – 19 is the global crisis of the world and a pandemic that is more than an unprecedented health and socioeconomic crisis. It has put pressure on each of the countries it touches, and has devastating social, economic and political impacts, which have left deep scars that will take time to fade. Our country […]
CDJP Cyangugu in partnership with SCIAF pays extra attention to the issue of children from the historically marginalized families, who, according to a study, have continued to lag behind others in education. Before, many of the children from this group were found to have dropped out of school. And over 90 per cent of (historically […]
In Cyangugu Diocese there is a tradition which in Christmas period every parish prepares a day of Christmas for children. On that day, there is a mass for all of the children of parish, they dance and after  they eat together.