Caritas Cyangugu have started a project of enhance agriculture product in Mibilizi parish

This project was launched on September 17th 2020 in Mibilizi parish, where some of Caritas leaders visited Mibilizi parish Christians in an intense of enhancing and execute the sample of project of enhance agriculture products and do it professionally

This activity which was narrow-scoped on planting corns took place in Mibilizi parish’s farm that has taken as a sample. The participants were reminded the requirements for getting the product they wish which embraces timely cultivation, timely planting, habitually visiting the farm, using fertilizers and other many aspects. They were also displayed by agriculture expert the good way to sow seeds in rows.

Father Théogène Ngoboka, Director of Caritas Cyangugu , who attended this activity probed trainees to help the others who didn’t get it, he added that Caritas aiming to help someone so that he can help others. Mibilizi Christians were also asked to keep making circulation of domestic animals that Caritas have gave them in a way of doing together agriculture farming and livestock farming so that farmers can get fertilizers to use in their farms.

Person in charge of development in Cyangugu Caritas, Madam Mukarukaka Théodette, who have trained the participants of this projects reminded them that the intention of the project is enhancing the agriculture product in quantity and quality as doing it professionally. She asked the people who attended to be tutors to their neighbors, she also encouraged them to form small saving and credits groups at least to the level of every central so that their earning profit will not be squandered.

The participants of this activity were given seeds to take home and use it for making kitchen farm (akarima k’igikoni)

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. People who attended this activity were proud of it and particularly thanked Caritas Cyangugu for staying close to them in their daily life activities. Caritas usually help people in development, social wellbeing and other different activities.    

Fabrice Kambanda Kazura          


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