Justice and Peace Commission have organized an exchange workshop on reconciliation

Due to the celebration of reconciliation month, this Thursday, 08 October 2020, Justice and Peace Commission have organized an exchange workshop on the importance of priests ’implication in the pastoral of unity and reconciliation within community during this reconciliation month.

This workshop was organized for parish priests of all parishes of Cyangugu Diocese

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. It was chaired by Mgr Célestin HAKIZIMANA, Bishop of Gikongoro Diocese and Apostolic Administrator of Cyangugu Diocese, it was also animated by Sister Immaculée UWAMALIYA from Bernardine sisters.

Director of Justice and Peace commission, Father Théogène NGOBOKA said that this workshop has been organized in case of contributing on government theme for reconciliation “Together for Rwanda with no divisive and discrimination”.He specified that the intervention of priests during this period devoted to reconciliation be integrated into pastoral care, taking into account the realities of each parish.

Bishop Célestin HAKIZIMANA who chaired this workshop said that a person with no peace has no security, that one who has divisive and discrimination characteristics is not able to understand. Thus, priests are called to bear witness to peace, unity and good understanding.He added that priests are pastors who must feed their flocks with peace and fraternity so that they have the same path and same direction.

Sister Immaculée UWAMARIYA who facilitated this workshop said that a priest is a witness of unity and reconciliation . Thus, what a society need from him is love and witness of fraternal life as a node of unity and reconciliation.

This workshop was organized with cooperation of AGIAMONDO, Germany institution that have partnership with Justice and peace commission of Cyangugu. 

Collected by Fabrice Kambanda Kazura


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