Bishop of Cyangugu Diocese and Mayor of Rusizi district participate in ceremony of laying first stone on Mibilizi maternity ward

This six June 2022,  Mgr   Edouard SINAYOBYE Bishop of Cyangugu diocese, Mayor of Rusizi district Dr. Anicet KIBIRIGA, District vice mayor in Charge of Socio-economic affairs and other diocesan and district’s officials lay the first stone on maternity ward being constructed by Cyangugu Diocese under sponsorship of Speyer diocese and Rheinland-Pfalz

In corroboration with Speyer diocese and Rheinland-Pfalz, Cyangugu diocese started a project of constructing a maternity ward in Mibilizi hospital; located in Rusizi district. That is why in normal interactions of Diocese of Cyangugu and Rusizi district, their representatives joined hands to lay the first stone on that project of maternity which will be very useful to the nearby citizens.  

In his Speech Mayor of Rusizi district, thanked Cyangugu diocese for its good partnership with Rusizi district in all sectors.  He added that the modern maternity ward that is being constructed in Mibilizi will help all district’s citizens to get health assistance.

 At this occasion also Mgr  Edouard Sinayobye highlighted the good collaboration between Cyangugu diocese and Rusizi district. He thanked particularly Speyer diocese, Rheinland and their friends who funded this project. He continued saying that the Hospital of church has to carry the flag of Christ, its services has to show the presence of God in people.

This maternity ward that is being constructed in Mibilizi hospital will be having sixteen chambers and it will cost three hundred forty two million nine hundred thirty seven thousand and nine hundred thirty five Rwandan francs (342, 937, 935 Rwf). It is expected to be launched in February 2023.

This maternity will help Rusizi women especially these who are nearby Mibilizi hospital to get cheap and quick assistance on the services it will provide.  

By Kazuba Fabrice


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