New face of the Groupe Scolaire St Paul Muko

The Groupe Scolaire St Paul Muko  is one of the schools of the Diocese of Cyangugu, located in the administrative sector of Bugarama,  Rusizi district . Since its foundation in 1998, this school has remarkably Contributed to holistic education  of the youth of Bugarama.

In these days Groupe Scolaire St Paul MUKO is radiating with its remarkable progress and success; this new page in its history has started to be written   since “Hand Around The World Jersey (HATWJ) came in with its huge support. This British Association has been the driving force behind the qualitative changes at  Groupe Scolaire St Paul Muko. Hands Around The World Jersey (HATWJ) has financed the construction of new infrastructures at Muko such as: new classrooms, playgrounds and modern teaching materials.

These facilities have been the lever for the successes and victories that the Groupe Scolaire  St Paul is currently experiencing. In the national examination of the school year 2021-2022, the pupils of Groupe Scolaire St Paul Muko have succeeded at 100%, which has owed the school the rank of best school among all the Day Schools in Rusizi district.

In the 2022 Rusizi District sports competitions, the young girls and boys won the Basketball cups at District level and will represent it at national level.

In an interview he gave after winning the two trophies, Father Emmanuel Uwingabire , the current school headteacher , expressed his deep satisfaction and sincere gratitude to Hands Around The World Jersey (HATWJ); he said that facilities built by this association were the basis of their victory.

He also stressed that the staff of St Paul Muko School Group, whom he thanked very much, are determined to help their students exploit the opportunities their school offers and develop their talents.

collected by A.Thengo


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