Caritas Slovakia with Caritas Cyangugu engaged for people with disabilities in Mashyuza parish

Picture1: Mothers and children beneficiaries in a meeting at Mashyuza parish

 Since April 2022, Caritas Cyangugu in partnership with Caritas Slovakia is in execution of a project called “Medical care to marginalized children living with disabilities and women with gynecologic complications that need special treatment in MASHYUZA Parish.”

The project started by identifying its beneficiaries and doing home visitation by the Caritas staff, to find out the situation they are living in.

Recently the Caritas staff have gathered them at Mashyuza parish in order to understand them, the problem they are facing and the wishes they have. In this meeting the beneficiaries described for us the type of handicap each has, the actual progress in treatment and wish each has.

Picture2: Bosco, coordinator of Caritas Cyangugu talking with the group of beneficiaries

Caritas Cyangugu have started training them how to do good livestock and kitchen garden as it have planned to give out pigs that will help them to improve their life standard.

Caritas Cyangugu have also trained them on the right of children especially those with disabilities and taught them right of women…

Beneficiaries contended to have the people who are striving for their lives. In their words they show how grateful they are to the benefactors who heard their voices and decide to help them.

Picture 3: Father Jérémie, Director of Caritas Cyangugu, paying a home visit to one of the beneficiary

As it is visibly in their eyes, they are confident that they are going to be cured of their disabilities.

Caritas  Cyangugu is thankful too to the Caritas Slovakia which provided financial support to implement this project; and it is ready to serve its best so this projected will run smooth.     

Collected by Fabrice Kazuba


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