Celebration of Chrism Mass in Cyangugu Diocese

This Wednesday, Bishop Edouard SINAYOBYE was joined by the priests of Cyangugu Diocese to celebrate the Chrism Mass which manifest the unity of priests and their Bishop.

In this mass three different oils were blessed by Bishop. The oil of Catechumens, the oil of the infirm and holy chrism were blessed to be used in the administration of the sacraments throughout the Diocese of Cyangugu for the year.   

In his preach Bishop Edouard SINAYOBYE told the priests that they are called to serve Christians, to listen to them and give them Holy Sacraments. He continuous saying that to be a priests requires to be a witness; the hieratic life is called to be a testimony of Evangelical guidelines. Nowadays people like to listen to witnesses more than to preachers, even when they listen to preachers they intend to become witnesses, a priest as preacher is one who displays to others evangelical behaviors, he said. A preaching work asks courage persistence and sacrifices, firstly a priest have to absorb the holy book so that it can change his life which will help him to teach others and be role model to them, he added.

In this mass Bishop ask the Christians to pray for the priests who are becoming weak in faith and those who are sick, old and even in hard situation where it is difficult to certify the word of God (Holy Gospel)

It has been four years since the diocese of Cyangugu had a Chrism Mass preside by its own Bishop; the Chrism mass of 2021 mark an end to this period.

Glory be to God for remembering his family.     

By Fabrice Kazuba    


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