Pastorals orientations from Bishop Edouard SINAYOBYE for the 27th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Cyangugu Diocese

In this Easter period that is simultaneously with Commemoration of Genocide committed against Tutsi in 1994, Bishop Edouard Sinayobye addressed a special message to the priests. The message is about how to behave in this commemoration period that contemporary happened with Easter period.

1. To remember parents, friends, relatives, Rwandan who died in Genocide committed against Tutsi, it is marvelous act that we are required to do as Christians. By remembering them we pray for their souls to rest in eternal life. We believe that the resurrection of Christ helps our people to get immortal life.

2. it is the time we are required to particularly approach Genocide survivors, listening to them and help those who can be traumatized, comfort them through protecting them to be in anxious.

3. It is the time we are required to show charity actions mostly to those who encountered the special problem caused by Genocide committed against Tutsi in 1994 in Rwanda and its effects. It is also the time we have to ask and receive God’s grace so that the kindness can continue to rule over wickedness in believer’s life.  

4. During this time we are required to be exemplary in fulfilling different government’s regulations related to all actions of remembering 1994 Genocide committed against Tutsi in Rwanda.

5. Due to the particularity history of each parish there are some particular dates of remembering in different parishes. There are some common ways of remembering in those parishes. By following the remembering regulations that has been generated on national level and those of preventing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, find a way to remember and pray for Genocide’s victims on those dates.  

Rwanda is commemorating Genocide committed against Tutsi in 1994 for the 27 time. The theme of this year is “Remember-Unite-Renew”.


Bishop of Cyangugu Diocese


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