Diocesan Caritas visited Genocide survivors of Nyakarenzo sector

As today Rwandans were concluding the weeklong official mourning period during which they commemorated for the 27th time, the over one million victims of the 1994 Genocide Against Tusti, Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu visited 48 family of Genocide survivors of Nyakarenzo sector in Mibilizi parish. They brought them simple aid so that they can feel loved and cared in this hardship time of remembering their loved ones who were slaughtered simply because they were Tutsi.

The visited villages were Rwambu and Njambwe of Nyakarenzo sector in Rusizi district. The limited number of Genocide survivors especially Genocide widowers were there to receive Caritas messengers and aid they brought where a family was given 10kilos of maize flour, 10 kilos of beans, bar of soap and cooking oil.

This humanitarian action was planned to approach Genocide survivors who are still in poverty after losing their properties in Genocide to feel cared and loved, to remind them that they have to overcome the past and stare at future. In this activity there were Director of Diocesan Caritas, Executive Secretary of Nyakarenzo sector and other local leaders. 

Rwanda is commemorating Genocide perpetrated Against Tutsi for 27th time, the theme of this is Remember-Unite-Renew. 


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