Rusizi local government and Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu meet to interchange about the progress of Early Childhood Program in Rusizi district

Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu hold a meeting this 9 August 2021 with executive secretary officers of all sectors of of Rusizi district and ECD field officers who work in this district. This meeting aimed to discuss about the progress of ECD program in Rusizi district that have been initiated by Rwandan government. In Rusizi district the ECD program is being monitored by Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu with district supervision.

In this meeting Diocesan ECD coordinator in Rusizi district presented the baseline data of ECDs in all sectors that have been collected by ECD field officers to Executive Secretaries and General Director of Health in Rusizi district. He also showed the statistics that clarify how ECD stand per sector.   

Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu has an ECD field officer in every sector of Rusizi who follow day-to-day the activities of home based ECDs and Community based as well as schools based ECDs. Those facilitators monitor advice and make advocacy for the ECDs they are in charge of. They also participate in increasing the knowledge of caregivers through different trainings. 

In his speech, Director of Caritas Cyangugu Father Théogène NGOBOKA thanked the participants for attending the meeting. He particularly appreciates the work that has been done by ECD field officer in short period. He emphasized that the aim of meeting was to increase the communication between ECD field officers and local government. He asks ECD field officers to focus on their work and be more responsible. In concluding he promised local government that they Caritas of Cyangugu will do everything possible to facilitate this program “Though we are in charge of monitoring but we are ready to offer everything we have for the sake of this program” he said.  

According to UNICEF report in Rwanda nearly 800,000 children -38 per cent – are stunted, that’s why it requires everyone role in preventing stunting issue. Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu normally play a role in well-being of citizens through different services it offers. 

Kazuba Fabrice 


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