Training for CODICOM’s reporters

This August 12, 2021 Cyangugu’s priests who are in charge of communication in their parishes have attended single day training that has been organized by Cyangugu diocese through “Commission Diocésaine de Communication” (CODICOM) financed by Speyer Diocese, about using social communication in pastoral mission of church.

As Father Fidele MUTABAZI, training’s facilitator explained, nowadays youth and adults spend big time on internet that’s why catholic church have to adapt on these platforms so that none will be left out in evangelization. Though all Vatican councils highlighted the importance of social communication in preaching God’s word there is reluctance that is still visible.

The priests who attended this training showed interest in this program, they decided to do their best to attract those new technology users. They admitted to use different social media platforms in evangelization and publication of their parishes’ activities.

Cyangugu Diocese through CODICOM is playing a big role in promoting the usage of social communication in evangelization and promoting the diocese activities. Grace to Speyer Diocese of Germany that is financing Cyangugu Diocese in different projects, it is now organizing different communication training and purchasing different communication apparatuses.    

Fabrice Kazuba


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