Unity and reconciliation month campaign kicks off in Nyakabuye parish , Cyangugu Diocese

The ceremony of starting the month of unity and reconciliation in Cyangugu diocese was held in Nyakabuye parish this six October 2012.  

The month of October is the month dedicated to promotion of Unity and Reconciliation in Rwanda. In Cyangugu diocese it was held in Nyakabuye parish where Father Théogène NGOBOKA, President of Justice and Peace commission in Cyangugu diocese sprinkles spiritual water to the former Genocide perpetrators after asking for forgiveness.

This ceremony that have been attended by Nyakabuye sector local leaders, started with the celebration of Holly mass. In this mass five former Genocide perpetrators publicly asked forgiveness. In return they were forgiven by the people they have committed crime against.

In his preach, Father Théogène thanked Genocide survivors who got the courage of forgiving the people who killed they families. He thanked also those who asked forgiveness the guts they showed and repenting. “You have to forgive for living better, everyone has a key to ask forgiveness and to forgive, and we must use them for better living”. He said

In his testimony a Genocide survivor woman said that she was in miserable life before forgiving a person who killed her family. Her life was characterized by fear, heatless, anger …this situation made her loose ten kilos (weight). But after forgiving she was back in normal life and she gained all of her weight. She encourages those who have the fear of approaching the people whom they have done bad  to change their mind and ask for mercy and those who survived to forgive so that we can be back in normal life as Rwandan especially Christians.

  The one who spoke in the name of Genocide perpetrators thanked those who forgave them and asked those who have been released from prison for the Genocide crime and still haven’t approached the people they have hurt to do it in order to release even their hearts from prison. “You can be out of jail but your heart still remains there, it’s up to you to free your heart”. He said.

Normally diocesan commission of Peace and Justice plays a great role in reconciliation of Rwandans especially Cyangugu’s residences. Through the aid of Scours Catholic, Caritas France this commission prepares a lot of activities of uniting people especially in month of Unity and Reconciliation. This year’s campaign will run under the theme: “Ndi Umunyarwanda mu murajye w’ubudaheranwa”.  

By Kazuba Fabrice


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