Author: Theogene Ngoboka

In 33rd week of ordinary time each year, in Catholic Church we celebrate a world week of poor. In Cyangugu diocese this week was celebrated in every parish through different activities that were aiming to help poor people in need. At the beginning twenty poor people from all parishes of Cyangugu diocese had a pilgrimage […]
The ceremony of starting the month of unity and reconciliation in Cyangugu diocese was held in Nyakabuye parish this six October 2012.   The month of October is the month dedicated to promotion of Unity and Reconciliation in Rwanda. In Cyangugu diocese it was held in Nyakabuye parish where Father Théogène NGOBOKA, President of Justice […]
This August 12, 2021 Cyangugu’s priests who are in charge of communication in their parishes have attended single day training that has been organized by Cyangugu diocese through “Commission Diocésaine de Communication” (CODICOM) financed by Speyer Diocese, about using social communication in pastoral mission of church. As Father Fidele MUTABAZI, training’s facilitator explained, nowadays youth […]
Diocesan Caritas of Cyangugu hold a meeting this 9 August 2021 with executive secretary officers of all sectors of of Rusizi district and ECD field officers who work in this district. This meeting aimed to discuss about the progress of ECD program in Rusizi district that have been initiated by Rwandan government. In Rusizi district […]
In Nyamasheke district, Bushekeri sector, Ngoma cell, in the villages, of Buhembe and Kagarama there were an immense mudslide that has been caused by a heavy rain that rained in the night of 10th May 2021. Approximately surface area of 12Ha inhabited has been impacted by this mudslide. The effects of this mudslide is like […]
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