Three-days working visit of Speyer diocese representatives in Mibilizi hospital on regard of maternity ward construction

Speyer Diocese representatives and Cyangugu diocesan messengers pay a visit to Mibilizi hospital in order to discuss the progress of constructing maternity ward that will be sponsored by Speyer diocese and Rheinland-Palatinate which are closest friends of Cyangugu diocese. 

In colloboration with Speyer diocese, Cyangugu diocese started a project of constructing a maternity ward in Mibilizi hospital; that is why some of Cyangugu diocese staff members and Speyer diocese (Germany) messengers visited Mibilizi hospital to see how this project is progressing.

In an official visit, the Speyer diocese messengers with Cyangugu diocese representatives organized five meeting sessions with Cyangugu and Mibilizi hospital technicians and hospital authorities to see how this running project will be successful. They visited the site that have been already prepared for this maternity ward and deeply analyze the hospital house plan with local engineers.

They had also a long bilateral meeting with hospital authorities including their local contribution, duration of working activities and other important points on the construction of this maternity ward. After having a long conversation diocesans messengers and Mibilizi hospital authorities decided to speed up the works of constructing maternity that will be built with Speyer diocese’s financial assists.

The Speyer diocese messengers Madam Christine and Professor Peter who held three-days working visit in Cyangugu diocese of Rwanda were happy about the progress of the activities. They showed hope of constructing the second phase and third one of this maternity after complying the ongoing one.

In this visit Speyer diocese messengers visited his Excellence bishop Edouard Sinayobye in bishop’s home, they visited also other activities in Mibilizi hospital including boundary that was built with their aid too. This maternity will be built through the aid of benefactors from Speyer diocese in Germany and Rheinane-Palatine State who are the closest friends of Cyangugu Diocese.

Father Théogène

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